Personal Needs

Encounter Jesus Ministries is not currently equipped to support people with special personal needs.

If you need support for any of the following needs, please contact one of the service providers below. We provide no warranty for these services so please check that they meet your specific needs.

  1. Medical or Life-threatening Emergency
    If you are experiencing a medical or life threatening emergency emergency please call 000
  2. Financial needs
    If you are a student, we recommend that you contact Student Services at your respective college/university.
    If you have income and need financial support or assistance with debts, please contact: Christians Against Poverty
  3. Addiction Rehabilitation
    Salvation Army – help with overcoming addiction
  4. General/Crisis/Marriage Counselling
    Anglicare Counselling
  5. Mental Illness 
    Wesley Mission Mental Illness Support
  6. Disability Support
    Wesley Mission Disability Support