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Post by Daugoz » Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:59 am

A prayer for kenya
Heavenly father thank you for this day and opportunity accorded us to approach your throne of mercy. Thank you for the nation of kenya. Father we glorify your name for watching over this nation. Lord as a nation, we have sinned and fallen short from your glory. We have shed innocent blood and even allowed the enemy to establish divisive tribal strongholds beliefs in us and divided us along tribal lines as a nation. Lord we repent on behave of the nation of kenya. Father have mercy. Lord, in your might name Jesus we bring down every altars and strongholds we have built as a nation. Every mindset and beliefs that we hold which doesnt exalt you or glorify your name we nullify them in Jesus name. We take captive every strongholds of established status quo that doesnt bring love peace and unity in your name lord jesus. Lord we denounce every spiritual forces that causes divisiness among the tribes in kenya. Father where theres hate we replace it with the love of christ. Lord we know the enemy comes to ķill and destroy us but lord you came that we may have life and life in abundance, lord we pray for life and peace that surpases understanding to prevail in kenya. Lord its you who watches over us and we pray that you take over the nation of kenya. May your love triumph every strong hate we have perpetuated among us lord. Father may we find you as a nation Lord. Lord we turn back to you as a nation and declare that you have your way lord. We pray lord, in all our ways father let your will be done in our nation kenya. Let your peace love and unity prevail lord . In mighty name of our lord jesus we pray.

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Re: Kenya

Post by Dexter » Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:32 am

Amen! Thanks Daug.

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